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The Importance of Charity

| Blog | March 27, 2012

It is said that charity begins at home, but most likely it begins in a place that is even more personal; the heart. When somebody gives to a charity, or does volunteer work, the benefits are vast. The person doing the charity work gains a deeper understanding of themselves and the people or things that they are helping. The one receiving the charity benefits in countless ways, and on a larger scale, entire communities become better places to live. Charity Christmas cards are a wonderful example of a way to give, and to give during the most giving time of year.

If you think that charity Christmas cards only help out a fraction of what charities on a larger scale contribute, consider this: businesses order vast amounts of these cards, and often twenty-percent or more is given to the charity of choice. It is amazing how many people are unaware of the existence of these kinds of cards. However, by using them, you are bringing attention to everybody who receives one that charity cards are a great way to make a difference. Imagine if every business in the world ordered their Christmas cards through some kind of charity. It is staggering to think of all the good that could be done on the planet, for the planet, and its cohabitants.

Charity is a chain reaction. As an example, take the Humane Society. When somebody volunteers just to walk dogs for a couple hours a day, that wonderful action has a ripple effect. First, the volunteer and the dog receive the benefits of some mild cardio vascular exercise. The volunteer feels exhilarated afterward because he or she made a difference in the world that day. The dog is able to interact with a human. The reason that is important is because if dogs cannot do this, it becomes hard for them to socialize with either human, or other animals. This leads to erratic behavior and can make it impossible for the dog to find a home. However, thanks to the kindness of the volunteer, the dog will be adaptable, and a family will be able to find joy because they picked up a loving pet at the humane society. The dog will give the family love for years to come, and it has been proven that dog owners live longer. So because of the simple act of walking a dog for a couple of hours, that act of charity by the volunteer helped make the world a better place for a family and a dog.

Now imagine what can be done by buying charity goods from the Humane Society. It enables them to continue to buy the medicines needed to keep the animals healthy, provides the leashes needed for the volunteers to walk them, and helps maintain kennels and play yards needed to shelter the dogs, and socialize them. Anytime you buy cards for whatever charity your cause is, you are adding your own unique ripple to the healing waters of mankind’s goodness. That is an act that comes from inside the heart.

This is a guest post from Christmas card charity Cards For Good Causes, who take great pride in benefiting dozens of charities each year. For more information on charity Christmas cards, please visit the Cards For Good Causes website.

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