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How to Stop Identity Theft

| Blog | January 13, 2013

Identity theft is a serious crime growing in every country. This crime is the biggest threat to our society. Just imagine that you are sitting in your home enjoying a cup of coffee and suddenly police knocks the door and arrests you for something that you are not at all aware of. How could it be possible? It could be possible if someone has stolen your identity and committed a crime using the same. You need to worry about this as it can happen with anyone and so this crime is a serious threat to our society.

If you do not want anyone to steal your identity then you need to take some precautions. Read these some important precautions and follow to avoid identity theft.

Take precautions while using the internet
Internet is the best place for the thieves to get your identity free of cost and once they have copied your identity they can start misusing it. What are the things that are included in an identity that can be easily copied via internet? 90% users of the internet are members of some social networking sites and majority of those share their personal details on these sites and this is the mistake. If you are using a social networking site then never share your original name and date of birth on these sites and if you do so then you are making a mistake. Anyone can get access to these personal details and if he is a thief then he can easily start crawling your data.

Always use an anti spyware such as Norton antivirus that will protect your computer from the attack of spyware programs. Scan your computer daily to find out whether there is a virus or not.

Don’t throw documents in garbage
It is the habit of many people to tear and throw the used documents in garbage and this is the next big mistake. Whether a document is of any use to you currently or not but it can always be used by a thief to get important information about your identity and create a fake one. If the documents were of any use to you previously then avoid throwing those in garbage. It is always better to destroy the documents rather than throwing in garbage. Credit card is the best example of such documents. If your credit card has expired then it is of no use to you but it can still be used by a thief to know your date of birth, full name, card number, and expiry date etc and using this information they can create a fake identity or may also try to get your new credit card number.

Use reputed courier services or post office to mail your documents
If you need to send some important documents to a destination then do not trust any new born courier agency because your documents may be at risk. Try the services of only reputed courier agencies or the best point is to send your documents via post office. This will ensure that no third party gets access to your important documents.

Follow these ways and stop yourself and others you know from making such mistakes and do not let this crime to make its place in our society. This is how you can save identity theft and our society can be safe for everyone and safe from the crime of identity theft.

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