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Importance of Self Defense for Women

| Blog | March 3, 2013

No day in the history has passed when there was no woman physically assaulted and abused. Man and woman are the two pillars in any society and if we want to live in a healthy society then we should seriously think of women security. A nation cannot progress if the women living in the nation are weak and cannot raise their voice against the physical violence or any other crime or if they do not have a respectable status in the society. The women and specially working women should be ready for self defense. There are many ways in which the women can defend themselves.

Pocket Knife
A licensed gun is not affordable for every woman so they can think of something simple and in budget such as a pocket knife and it also does not require any license. A pocket knife is essentially an important thing that every woman should have. This small weapon should not be used to murder anyone but should only be used for self defense.

Martial Arts
There are many fighting techniques that can be helpful for women against attackers if they know these fighting techniques. Some of the most common and widely practiced fighting techniques are Kung fu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Kickboxing etc. If you are a working women and do not know any of these fighting techniques then join a martial arts classes as soon as you get time. These skills are necessary for safety.

Important Phone Numbers
Phone number of police, all family members and friends are important phone numbers and can be helpful for a woman in trouble. If a woman is in any problem then she can urgently call emergency police number so that the concerned officials can provide immediate help.

A nation can be strong as long as our women are safe. As a responsible citizen it is also our duty to defend women and help them in trouble.

Responsibilities of a Citizen

| Blog | February 22, 2013

If every citizen understands his or her responsibility and becomes responsible then the growth of a nation can be exponential. So if you want your nation to stand in better position in the world then it is important that you play the role of an important citizen. To become a responsible citizen, you should know the responsibilities of a citizen. What it takes to become a responsible citizen? Read some important points below and know the answer of this question.

Respect and obey laws
Laws are made to control crime and maintain coordination in the society. The police have the power and authority to arrest those who do not obey laws and the court has the power and authority to punish those who challenge the laws. So the first duty and responsibility of a responsibility citizen is to respect and obey laws.

Pay Taxes

Government in any country imposes certain rate of tax on the total annual income of the residents. The residents should pay these taxes in time. Many people try some dishonest methods to show low income so that they need to pay less tax. The residents should stay away from these cheat methods to avoid paying tax because the tax we pay is used in the development of nation and if we try ways to pay low or no tax then it means that we are making our nation poor. A poor nation cannot give safety and security to its residents. So pay tax in time and make the nation stronger in the world.

Charitable Organizations – Fund Collection Sources

| Blog | February 17, 2013

When two or more people unite together to reach a common goal then this unity is an organization. There is no limit to the maximum number of people that can be there in an organization. An organization can be as small as of 2 people and as large as a multinational company or nationwide famous university run by thousands of members, lecturers, and administrators etc. There is also no limit to the functions performed by an organization. An organization can run various profit making businesses as well as it can also organize nonprofit charitable events.

An organization started to run the charity functions comes under the category of charitable organizations. There are many functions that can be adopted as the objectives by the charitable organizations. Some of the objectives that are the key interest of many charitable organizations are free education, free health services, free medical facilities, free career counseling, and helping to fight against crime etc.

How the charitable organizations arrange funds to achieve their goals?
There are many ways in which the charitable organizations can arrange funds to achieve its goals. The old and successful sources of funds for these organizations are the rich moneymakers who want to spend some money in doing well for the society. The process starts with making a list of rich moneymakers and asking them to contribute any amount for charity. Some might say No, some might donate some amount and some might fully participate in the charity events.

Crowd funding websites are the next best source of collecting funds for the charity events. To collect money from this source, the organizations need to write a draft explaining the objectives and the monetary requirements to achieve the goals. The collection of fund can be as good as the presentation of objectives in the draft so the organizations should take time to prepare the draft.

Registering own websites and collecting money through it is the next best source of collecting funds for charity. This source can be successful only if the website has excellent and impressive look and is search engine optimized. Search engine optimization or SEO of the site is necessary to gain the good and interested donors from the search engines daily. If your site has just 8-10 unique visitors daily then do not expect that all of them will donate to fulfill your requirements. Assume that if thousand unique visitors come to your site then you could expect some donation. So work on the SEO part more and try to get 1000+ unique visitors daily from the search engines.

Charitable organizations can collect funds to achieve their goals from any or all of the sources explained above.

DSU2XJJ5UNJA How to help your child?

| Blog | February 1, 2013


Children of today will be the responsible people of tomorrow. So the better growth you are giving to children, the best you are doing to secure future. Just like the fingers of hand are not same similarly all children are also not same. Some might be calm in nature whereas others might be anxious. Parenting a calm child is easy as compared to the anxious one but don’t feel that parent an anxious child is impossible. Good parenting is necessary not only for your family but it is also important for the society because every good person contributes to safe society.

You might be interested to work for society but the first thing is to work for your own family. Although parenting an anxious child may be difficult but not impossible. All you need to know is how to calm an anxious child. Read and follow these important points to help your child come out from anxiety.

Stay Calm

If your child is doing something wrong and you want to stop him then do not start scolding. If you want your child to leave bad habits and you are beating him for that then you should understand that with every slap you are not taking him away from his bad habits but you are fueling his bad habits. If you want your child to stay calm then first calm yourself and try to make him understand your words politely.

Listen to what the child says

If a child is not behaving as expected then there might be some reasons for it. To solve the problem of your child, you should know these reasons so allow the child to say what he or she wants to say and make sure that the words of your child come out without fear.

Allow and help a child to play

Allow and help a child to play with other kids of his age. This will help the child to learn how to mix with other children. Don’t stop your kids from playing outside with other kids.

Make a daily routine and stick to it

Parents are the teachers of their kids and mostly all kids want to do what their parents do. So design a routine for yourself and stick to it. Try to do everything and in time according to the schedule that you have decided. Your child will also like to follow you so this is how you can help your child.

Consult a counselor

If these simple things do not work for you then talk to a counselor that can help you to improve the activities and behavior of your child.

These simple things can help you to make your child best in his or her school.

What can I do to raise the standards of people living below poverty line?

| Blog | January 19, 2013

What can I do to raise the standards of people living below poverty line? This is the question that comes to the mind of every kind hearted person. Majority of population lives below poverty line in the developing and underdeveloped countries. Although in low proportion as compared to the developing and underdeveloped countries but this line exists in the developed countries also. There are many organizations and the governments of these countries are trying to raise the standards of people living below the poverty line.

Not only the effort to raise the standards is limited to big organizations and governments but common man is also interested to improve the living standard of the poor section of society. If these things are worrying you then you can also take active participation in this mission. To be successful in the mission, you need to know that what steps you can take to raise the living standard of the population living below poverty line. Read below to get some unique ideas.

Some good schools for poor can be helpful in educating them and good education will give a right direction to the future of poor children. This is how living standard of poor section of society can be raised. You can contribute by donating money to start new schools for poor people so that education in these schools for poor children can be free or affordable.

Manage lowest rate of interest for poor
There are organizations both online and offline that provides the loans to poor at the lowest rate of interest. You can work with these organizations to make life easy for poor.

Right Career guidance
Career counseling is important for every student and free career guidance is more important for poor children. You can manage to run or help to run such campaigns that give free career guidance to those students that come from poor families. Right and free career guidance can be the right move to shape the career of poor students and make them the educated and responsible citizens of future.

Medical help
If rich people need medical treatment then they can get admitted to the expensive hospitals and get emergency treatment but what is there for the poor people. There are many hospitals run either by government or some nonprofit organizations to give the proper treatment to poor people. You can contribute your effort to these organizations physically or financially.

These are only some of the ideas that you can use to raise the standard of poor.

How Alexa helps the Webmasters, whether the Site is Commercial or Charity

| Blog | January 14, 2013

Alexa is a worldwide known tool available for the webmasters to determine the ranking of their websites. Webmasters can easily get access to the features of Alexa by going to the website http://www.alexa.com. The basic features of the site are free for all the users.

How to check the Alexa rank of your site?
If you only want to check the rank of your site then you may not even need to login to the website. You can check your site without logging in. All you need to do is to open the site in your browser, type the URL in the search box given in the top of the page and click search. On the next page, Alexa will tell you the rank of your site.

What information does Alexa give without logging in to the site?
The next page will tell you the global rank of your site, the rank of your site in some countries where your site ranks best, best searched keywords, bounce rate of the site, and the list of backlinks. The list of backlinks shown by Alexa might be different than the total backlinks shown by other tools such as Bing and Google. The difference is due to the reason that Alexa counts only one link from one site. It means if you are getting 4 backlinks from a high ranking site then the total backlinks may be 5 but the links counted in Alexa will be only 1.

What is the benefit of registering on Alexa?
Now your question may be that if Alexa provides so many benefits without logging in then what is the need of registering on Alexa? After registering, you can claim your site on Alexa and this claim will help to increase your rank. Claiming is a free service and if you want to enjoy the paid services then this site can be much more helpful in the SEO process.

Can Alexa help to grow a charity site also?
Alexa can be very helpful if you are running a commercial site but do you know that it can also be helpful in growing a nonprofit site. Yes, Alexa does its job whether the site is commercial, organizational, educational, or informational. However, the commercial blog sites show quicker results but results come for all types of sites. If you are running a nonprofit site and inviting the donors to donate money to your site for some good cause then do you think that the donors will be interesting to spend their money in a low ranking site? You need to rank better if you want to impress the donors.

How to Stop Identity Theft

| Blog | January 13, 2013

Identity theft is a serious crime growing in every country. This crime is the biggest threat to our society. Just imagine that you are sitting in your home enjoying a cup of coffee and suddenly police knocks the door and arrests you for something that you are not at all aware of. How could it be possible? It could be possible if someone has stolen your identity and committed a crime using the same. You need to worry about this as it can happen with anyone and so this crime is a serious threat to our society.

If you do not want anyone to steal your identity then you need to take some precautions. Read these some important precautions and follow to avoid identity theft.

Take precautions while using the internet
Internet is the best place for the thieves to get your identity free of cost and once they have copied your identity they can start misusing it. What are the things that are included in an identity that can be easily copied via internet? 90% users of the internet are members of some social networking sites and majority of those share their personal details on these sites and this is the mistake. If you are using a social networking site then never share your original name and date of birth on these sites and if you do so then you are making a mistake. Anyone can get access to these personal details and if he is a thief then he can easily start crawling your data.

Always use an anti spyware such as Norton antivirus that will protect your computer from the attack of spyware programs. Scan your computer daily to find out whether there is a virus or not.

Don’t throw documents in garbage
It is the habit of many people to tear and throw the used documents in garbage and this is the next big mistake. Whether a document is of any use to you currently or not but it can always be used by a thief to get important information about your identity and create a fake one. If the documents were of any use to you previously then avoid throwing those in garbage. It is always better to destroy the documents rather than throwing in garbage. Credit card is the best example of such documents. If your credit card has expired then it is of no use to you but it can still be used by a thief to know your date of birth, full name, card number, and expiry date etc and using this information they can create a fake identity or may also try to get your new credit card number.

Use reputed courier services or post office to mail your documents
If you need to send some important documents to a destination then do not trust any new born courier agency because your documents may be at risk. Try the services of only reputed courier agencies or the best point is to send your documents via post office. This will ensure that no third party gets access to your important documents.

Follow these ways and stop yourself and others you know from making such mistakes and do not let this crime to make its place in our society. This is how you can save identity theft and our society can be safe for everyone and safe from the crime of identity theft.

Importance of Old Age Homes

| Blog | January 10, 2013

It is a matter of shame for every one of us who thinks that their parents are a burden on them. If your parents have done the same with you then you might not have been able to stand up in the society. If you have power and status in the society today, then it is only because your parents have done their duty of educating you. If your parents can do so much for you then why you cannot return something to them? It is a question to everyone of us who do not want to live with their parents.

Taking care of parents is our moral responsibility. How?
If you apply for a loan in a bank and the bank approves your loan then it becomes the financial responsibility to repay that loan with interest and if you fail in this responsibility then the bank can also capture your property or take any legal action against you. You become bound to repay the money with interest that you have borrowed because you fear from the legal action that can be taken against you. Our parents also have given their time and money to us and have helped us to grow and become capable so again giving time and money back to them becomes our moral responsibility.

Just because the parents don’t take any legal action against us, we are ready to forget or ignore this moral responsibility. Why? Should we forget our parents in the race of earning wealth and making new relations? Should we forget our parents who have given us life? I do not agree with this and no justified person will agree with this. Our parents are our wealth and so they should be our main concern because in old age they need us.

Concept of the Old age homes
There might be some reasons when we cannot live with our parents such as professionals who settle in a different country in search of a better career. These reasons give rise to the concept of the nuclear families. The concept of nuclear families has given rise to the concept of old age homes. Old age homes are meant to provide safe and shelter to old people. This concept was started to give solution to those problems of old people that arise in their old age. Many organizations are engaged in providing old age homes to old people.

The traditional care of old parents has now transferred from the family members to those organizations who are engaged in providing the old age homes and these organizations are doing their best to fulfill their job responsibility. Still the question is why we can’t take care of our own parents. If every one of us take care of parents then there might be no or low need of these old age homes.

4 Ways of Working for Society

| Blog | January 9, 2013

Every one of us has some responsibilities. These responsibilities include responsibility towards family, responsibility towards nation and responsibility towards society. If you are serious towards your social responsibility and want to work for society then there are many ways by which you can do well to your society.

Do not treat poor people badly
You may have seen many rich men who do not understand the value of poor people. They treat poor people badly because they are rich and they think that everything can be bought from money. The fact is that there are many things that cannot be bought from money. You cannot buy the honesty of people working under you. You cannot buy the true love of people and you cannot buy the respect of people. If you want love and respect from the society then you should give these things.

Do not treat old people badly
There are many young men who totally forget to give respect to old people. The fact is no one remains young forever so all those who are old today were young yesterday and all those who are young today will become old tomorrow so if you do not want the young people to treat you badly tomorrow then give respect to old people today.

Participate in the events that are organized for the weaker sections of society
You can join those charity organizations that work for the welfare of people. You can join them by providing either financial help or physically working with them.

Do not let crime grow in your society
The more crime a state, city or country has, the less safe it is for the people living there. Make your society safe for you and for everyone. Inform police and responsible authorities if anything wrong is going around you and do not wait for the criminals to hurt you directly. If you will raise your voice for others then others will help you in need. It also doesn’t mean to start the physical violence and hurt those who are committing crime or risk your life by fighting directly with the criminals but what is required on your part is to inform the police and responsible authorities so that they can stop the crime and take steps to punish the criminals.

These are some of the ways how you can work for your society and make it suitable and safe for everyone.

How Online Money Making is Possible for Non Profit Organization

| Blog | January 8, 2013

Online money making is the goal of every business coming online. This fact is true for charities also. If you are running a nonprofit organization started with the primary aim of helping people then you may need big dollars to reach to your mission. Collecting money from local sources is the way that many organizations try but you can collect more money if you start seeing internet as good source of collecting money for your organization. There are many ways in which you can earn money online from the interested donors. Lets study some good ways so that we can apply these ways to turn internet as an online money making source for our nonprofit organization.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the primary source of bringing visitors to any site. Optimize your site for the search engines and you will get tons of visitors daily from the search engines. If thousands of visitors will see your site daily then it is possible that some of those may take interest in donating money to your site. So the important part is to get thousands of unique visitors to your site daily and this can be possible if the site has been optimized well for the search engines.

Register on CrowdSourcing Sites
Crowdsourcing sites can be the next best way of collecting money for your nonprofit organization. You can find many crowdsourcing sites operating online that are established as the meeting point of online businesses and investors looking to invest in good businesses. You can register on these sites, create a good profile and start your effort of using the site to achieve your goal of collecting money. Tell your cause and if the cause is good and valid then people will like to donate money to your site so that you can continue your effort of helping poor.

Use Social Network
Social network can also be an effective medium of money collection if you use it wisely. The main social networking sites you should use are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace. You can start groups on Facebook and Linkedin to discuss the goals and strategies of your organization so that more donors may take interest in donating to your site. You can also join other groups discussing about charity and tell the group members about the goals of your organization. Similarly you can tweet and retweet on Twitter to spread your message in the Twitter network. Retweeting a tweet on Twitter bring huge traffic to a site so it can be useful.

Above were some ways that you can use wisely to bring interested donors to your site. This is how online money making is possible for Non Profit Organization.

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